Why a Community Centres Direction Paper?

    This paper will assist Council in the future development and decision making regarding our Community Centres.  It will provide an extensive understanding about the background and history of the Centres, the current operations and usage, trends and opportunites, currently and future community needs relating to the Centres and a list of recommendations for Council's consideration.

    This review is part of Council's continuous improve program for ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and operations. This is an important function to ensure services are responsive to community needs and that Council resources are used fairly, effectively and efficiently.

    What will the Community Centres Direction Paper will deliver?


    The Community Centres Direction Paper will deliver:

    • A clear direction about the future of Community Centres
    • Clarity about what our community value (their needs and expectations)
    • A clear understanding of what each Centre delivers the community
    • Facts and data about each Centre to allow informed decision making
    • Recommendations for delivering services in the most cost effective way that delivers maximum community value.


    How will the project be undertaken?

    The Community Centres Direction paper will be developed over 3 stages.

     Stage 1 (Where are we now)

     Develop an understanding of:

    •  Council endorsed directions, policies and strategies relevant to the Centres
    • Management models, programs provided, operations, community usage and resources allocated for each centre
    • The demographic profile of the Unley community and future trends

    Stage 2 (Where do we want to be)

    It is in this stage we need maximum input from the community.  We need to hear from you about what you would like to see your community centre offering the community (type and costs of services, programs, events and activities).

    •  What services do you need?
    • How satisfied with the current services are you and what else do you think the Centres should provide?
    • What do you think the future Community Centres in Unley should look like?

    Stage 3 (How do we get there)

    At the end of this project, Council will be provided with a Community Centres Directions Paper. 

    Where are the Community Centres?

    The City of Unley supports 4 Community Centres in the Unley area, these are:
    • Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur Street, Unley SA 5061
    • Fullarton Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton SA 5063
    • Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood SA 5034
    • Clarence Park Community Centre, 72-74 East Avenue, Black Forest SA 5035

    Eastwood Community Centre operates from a City of Burnside owned facility located at 95 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood, on the eastern border of the City of Unley. The City of Unley provides a small grant to the Eastwood Community Centre.  

    What's currently on offer at each of the Community Centres?

    All Community Centres offer a range of programs and activities, display community information and have rooms available for hire by the community. Each Centre is unique both in the types of services provided and in the models of management and operation.

    The Unley Community Centre is the perfect place to make connections with your community, have a chat and share a laugh together. We are a relaxed and friendly Centre providing many opportunities for the over fifties to become involved. Some programs keep you moving, while others stretch your body, mind and soul. Come in and enjoy a delicious three course meal with friends. Learn something new, re-discover something lost, or simply sit back and be entertained by movies, concerts and fantastic annual events.

    At Clarence Park Community Centre we get back to basics and care for children and about our environment. We're powered by solar energy and rainwater. We offer fresh, seasonal and organic food at our markets and food cooperatives. We dance to world music and awaken mysteries within.

    At Fullarton Park Centre we offer new and emerging artists the opportunity to show their work in the Hughes Gallery; an exhibition space used by some of Australia's leading artists. We sew quilts over coffee and play cards with our friends. We salute the sun at our Yoga classes and provide activities for children in our School Holiday Program.

    At Goodwood Community Centre we learn and grow together while sharing our skills, knowledge and experience. Children's activities include Goodygym, Playgroup, Toy Library. We also have:

    • Active programs for all ages and abilities
    • Greek and Filipino Home and Community Care program
    • Community information sessions and community events