What is the purpose of this consultation?

    We believe that the involvement of the community in planning and decision making is what good governance is all about.  The purpose of this consultation is to get your views on Council’s draft community engagement policy and how to improve the way we inform, consult and involve you in Council decisions and issues that affect and matter to you.

    Why are we collecting views on community engagement?

    This year we are reviewing our community engagement policy, processes and procedures.  The purpose of this review is to find ways to improve how we engage with the our residents and the City of Unley community.  We want to make sure that we are keeping you informed of the issues that matter to you and that we seek your views in a timely and genuine way.  It is important to us that we seek your views in a way that suits you and that you have the information needed to contribute and understand how your feedback will be used.

    Additionally, section 50 of the Local Government Act requires councils to prepare and adopt a public consultation policy.  This process includes an invitation to the public to provide feedback and submissions on the proposed policy.

    What is ‘community engagement’?

    Community engagement is the process of involving the community in Council decision making through either:

    1)      Informing the community of an issue, decision or initiative to assist in their understanding of a course of action (1 way communication)

    2)      Consulting  the community to obtain feedback on a proposal, initiative or issue (2 way communication)

    3)      Involving the community throughout the process to ensure their needs/ concerns/ aspirations are consistently understood and considered, (ongoing 2 way communication).  This may include working together  in the development of proposals and solutions.

    What does Council’s Community Engagement Policy cover?

    It’s a policy document providing Council’s commitment and the overarching principles for undertaking community engagement in the City of Unley.  It does not contain procedural information, which is intended to be reviewed as part of the Community Engagement Review project and new procedures developed based on the feedback received.

    What will happen with my feedback?

    Council will be provided with a summary of the feedback gathered and presented with recommendations for improvements, in consideration of the feedback received.  Council will then determine what changes will be made to how Unley City Council engages with our community.

    What are the next steps?

    The consultation period closes on the 17 January 2014.    All feedback received will then be compiled into a report.  The consultation report will then be used to develop recommendations for improving our community engagement policy, processes and procedures.

    It is intended a report on the community consultation findings and recommendations will go to Council in April 2014 for endorsement and updates will be posted on this site.

    Where can I go for more information?

    For more information you can contact our Community Development Manager, Mandy Smith on 83725127 or msmith@unley.sa.gov.au