What is the purpose of this Cultural Plan?

    Council has always recognised the significant role that arts and culture plays in fulfilling the lives and identities of its community and its contribution to a vibrant and economically viable City. Council wishes to continue this commitment, have a positive impact on local culture, and present our City as an inclusive and welcoming place to live, work, play, study and linger longer.

    The purpose of this plan is to achieve a shared vision to increase our City’s cultural vitality. We want our community to instigate, participate, facilitate, celebrate and enjoy a variety of opportunities and pathways to increase their wellbeing and connection to the wider community. This Cultural Plan establishes a program and delivery of cultural activities across our City underpinned by guiding principles.

    This Cultural Plan is the result of the rich history of what has gone before over many years, the recent past, what we are currently doing, and where we plan to go. It is a comprehensive reflection of the contributions by our community – their opinions, ideas and aspirations for our local culture.

    When will the Cultural Plan take effect?

    The Cultural Plan will begin in July 2021 and conclude in 2026.

    Will you review this Cultural Plan 2021-2026?

    A series of measures will be used to assess the cultural impact of the activities we undertake over the next five years. As we travel through the next five years we will use a range of tools to seek community evaluation on its relative success. The Cultural Plan 2021-2026 will be reviewed towards the end of 2026 to make recommendations for a subsequent Cultural Plan.

    Why is it a Draft Cultural Plan?

    We are seeking community feedback before we ask the Council to endorse the final Cultural Plan 2021-2026.

    Have you engaged on this Cultural Plan before?

    In 2019 we sought ideas and comments from the community on what should be in any future Cultural Plan. We also conducted a cultural audit of our current cultural services and facilities to assess their success and role moving forward. That community engagement has shaped the key directions and themes of this Draft Cultural Plan.