What is 'Local Area Traffic Management'?

    LATM focuses on planning and managing the physical road space. It assesses and improves conditions on streets where traffic impacts upon the safety and residential amenity of the neighbourhood.

    Improvements implemented as part of a LATM study can include physical treatments such as road cushions, raised intersections or road closures, and enforcement and education measures.

    LATM is an area-wide approach that considers traffic problems and possible solutions in the context of a local precinct instead of isolated streets. It
    calls upon the knowledge and experience of the local community to identify problems and suggest solutions and to participate in developing a traffic
    management plan for the area.

    What is the purpose of this consultation?

    The purpose of this consultation is to get your feedback on local traffic and safety issues that need to be addressed and measures that may be taken to reduce the problems.

    Why are we collecting feedback on Forestville / Everard Park LATM study?

    Your views will be helpful in assisting Council and technical experts to address the traffic issues for the area. Traffic in this area has been of concern to the community over a number of years. The aim of the study is to develop a strategic approach to identifying and addressing key issues.

    What will happen with my feedback?

    Your feedback will be provided to the technical experts to be considered along with technical data. A draft LATM will be prepared as a result and further community engagement will be undertaken on the draft LATM.

    What are the next steps?

    The consultation period closes on the 29 August 2014. All feedback received will then be compiled into a report to be considered into creating a Draft LATM. The report will then be presented to Council for their consideration. 

    Where can I got for more information?

    For more information you can contact Council’s Traffic Management Department on 8372 5111 or pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au.