What does PLEC mean?

    PLEC stands for Power Line Environment Committee, a committee between State Government and local South Australian Councils tasked with initiatives to enhance the safety and aesthetics of high profile main roads by undergrounding power lines. It predominantly focusses on historic areas, major shopping precincts and other areas of community benefit in metropolitan and regional areas of the State.

    SA Power Networks (SAPN, formerly ETSA) is responsible for carrying out works relating to undergrounding power lines.

    A PLEC scheme includes undergrounding of overhead power lines, removal of existing stobie poles, new street lighting, new building connections and additional electrical infrastructure (transformers/switching cubicles).

    Why underground the power lines on Goodwood Road?

    The undergrounding of power lines along Goodwood Road was recommended as a long term action in the Goodwood Precinct Urban Design Framework (UDF). The removal of overhead wires and stobie poles, as well as introduction of new LED street lighting will enhance the appearance of the main street precinct, as well as improve the safety of a major arterial road into the CBD. The undergrounding works provides Council with a strong incentive to review the UDF and the condition of the existing streetscape and identify further opportunities with the local community to improve the appeal of the Goodwood Precinct.

    The undergrounding of overhead powerlines, removal of existing stobie poles and introduction of new street lighting will be undertaken by SAPN contractors prior to the construction of a new streetscape.

    How far does the project boundary extend for Goodwood Main Street works?

    The 2009 Urban Design Framework focused on the shopping precinct between the tram line (north) and Clifton Street (south). The undergrounding of powerlines (2015 PLEC works) is planned to start immediately north of the tram crossing and extend south to Mitchell Street.

    The subsequent streetscape upgrade is planned to compliment the PLEC works and anticipated to start from the northern pedestrian crossing adjacent Railway Terrace and the tram crossing and extend to the pedestrian crossing south of Victoria Street, as well as connections with local side streets.

    Where Council should focus the streetscape upgrade is something we would welcome the community's views.

    When will construction works commence?

    Construction will commence in 2 stages, Undergrounding of Powerlines, and then Streetscape Upgrade.

    SAPN are responsible for setting the construction program associated with the undergrounding of powerlines, removal of stobie poles and installation of new street lights. Currently, it is anticipated that these works will commence in September 2015, paused for Christmas trading, before recommencing in early 2016. The majority of these works will be conducted at night to limit disturbance to local businesses.

    Council will provide further updates as SAPN confirmed the final construction program and methodology.

    Council currently anticipate commencing streetscape upgrade works in early/mid 2016, after all works associated with undergrounding of powerlines have been completed. Once a streetscape design has been developed with the community and the scope of works is clear, we will be able to update the community further on an anticipated construction methodology and more specific time frames.

    What will happen to public art attached to the stobie poles being removed?

    Council values public art as part of the identity of Goodwood. Where-ever possible, existing art will be avoided and protected by the PLEC works. Where alternate service alignments cannot be identified and existing art pieces are required to be disturbed, the art elements will be carefully salvaged to enable the required works to occur and art subsequently replaced to its original location.

    The existing artwork on the stobie poles will be professionally documented and digitally enhanced images produced of the existing artwork prior to removal of stobie poles. A recent Public Art audit indicated that the condition of the artworks is not suited to repair or relocation. The artworks themselves have faded considerably over time and digital enhancement will restore them to their former glory. The digital images will remain the property of Council as a permanent record of these local art initiatives and the images available for future use.


    What does 'streetscape improvements' mean?

    The Urban Design Framework (UDF) was prepared following extensive community engagement and lists a number of ideas and projects for Goodwood Road in the short, medium and long term.

    It prioritised actions and projects covering improvements for pedestrian environment and traffic management through to Village Green, and landscape strategy ideas. A number of these elements have been implemented over recent years, including the reduction in the speed limit to 50km/h, the installation of public art, the tree pot project and the installation of a pedestrian crossing at Victoria Street.

    The UDF identified a number of initiatives that could be part of the streetscape improvements, including:

    • Footpath upgrade
    • Street Furniture / elements
    • Side street thresholds
    • Encouraging evening activity
    • Public Art
    • Lighting
    • Cycle Parking / Facilities
    • Landscape / Greening

    Through consultation and engagement we want the local community to help shape what should be included in the planning of streetscape improvements.

    Who can i contact for further information?

    Council have identified key staff to address the different specifics of the project. For information on:

    PLEC undergrounding and building connection works, please contact Oliver Pfueller

    Goodwood Main Street Streetscape Design, please contact Ben Willsmore

    Both staff can be reached via phone: 8372 5111 or email: pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au

    How can i get involved?

    The Goodwood Main Street Upgrade Your Say wepage will provide the community with regular updates as the project develops, identification of key dates for engagement as well as ongoing opportunities to share your views online.

    The Community Forum to be held on April 8th, will be the first step in working with local businesses and the community to improve the presentation and appeal of Goodwood Road.

    As the design develops Council is committed to keep coming back to the community to ensure the concept reflects the aims of the community and the ‘alive and vibrant’ identity of Goodwood Road.

    How can i find out further detail about the design and construction of undergrounding of powerlines?

    The City of Unley have prepared a number of specific Frequently Asked Questions that provide further detail regarding how powelines will be removed and relocated underground, as well as how local building connections will be made, where additional services will be located and detail on the construction approach.

    Please click on the link below for further information: