What is the purpose of this engagement?

    To seek feedback from the community on the draft designs for the new grandstand at Goodwood Oval, located at Curzon Avenue, Millswood.

    What is Goodwood Oval used for?

    Goodwood Oval caters for wide range of uses and is a popular location for the local community as a park, play space and for dog exercise. The Goodwood Oval precinct is also the home ground for Goodwood Saints Football Club, Goodwood Cricket Club, Forestville Hockey Club and Tennis SA Millswood Complex (also comprising Goodwood Saints Tennis Club).

    What is included in the grandstand upgrade?

    The upgrade plans to include: a new two-storey grandstand to replace the existing grandstand, in the same location on Curzon Avenue; four change rooms and amenities to cater for female and junior participation; two umpire change rooms; a new canteen, public toilets and seating area on the northern side; fitness, administration and storage areas and a first floor function area with lift.

    How were the designs developed?

    The designs have been developed in consideration of the local level facility guidelines for Australian Rules football and cricket, and in consultation with representatives from the Goodwood Saints Football Club and Goodwood Cricket Club.

    What are the dimensions of the existing grandstand compared with the new one?

    The existing grandstand is 10.8m high with a total footprint of 405m2
    The new grandstand will be 7.4m in height with a total footprint of 530m2

    What is proposed for the storage facility near the Fairfax Ave car park?

    Under the current plan, this facility is to be located in the Goodwood Oval precinct, between the Hockey Club and the entry to the Fairfax Avenue car park.  A modern steel cladded structure is proposed, to provide storage for sports equipment. The rationale for this proposal is cost, as it is much cheaper to provide this space in an external facility.  
    Update (21 Feb): Following feedback on this proposal, we are investigating alternative options for storage and will provide further updates on this item once the design work is completed.

    How will the upgrades be funded?

    The State Government has committed $2.5m to the project. To date, the AFL has committed $75k and the two tenant clubs have committed to providing a further $75k to the project. Council has allocated $950k towards the project, and has also allocated $200k in its current budget to complete the necessary design and approval tasks. The total cost of the project is $3.6 million.

    What is the proposed timeline for the upgrades?

    Council expects to complete the detailed design process and receive the necessary approvals in order for construction to commence later this year. The project is expected to be completed by late 2019. Further updates on the construction and timeline will be provided once a contractor is engaged.

    Will access to the oval be impacted during the construction period?

    The area around the new grandstand and external storage facility will be fenced during the construction period, and access to all other areas at Goodwood Oval will not be impacted. Council will work with the football and cricket clubs to discuss temporary facilities during the construction period and further updates will be provided once this is resolved.

    What will happen with my feedback and what are the next steps of the project?

    Your feedback will be recorded and considered by the project team to further refine the designs for the new grandstand at Goodwood Oval. This information will be presented to Council in April 2018.

    Where can I get more information?

    For further information, please contact Council’s Sport & Recreation Planner on 8372 5111.  Regular updates on this project can also be viewed on Council’s website.

    What is the impact on trees?

    The cork trees to the south of the current grandstand are significant and measures will be put in place to protect these trees.  The final design may result in the loss of some trees to the north of the current grandstand.  This is still being determined and further information will be provided as soon as the designs are finalised.  The intention will be to retain as many trees as possible, and enhance the landscaping around the new building. 

    Is this project related to the lighting DA for the football club?

    They are two individual projects and will be assessed seperately under the relevant development planning legislation, however both projects relate to the use of Goodwood Oval for organised sport and community recreation, so they are connected.  Council will consider the views of all stakeholders when considering its decision.