What regional issues have been identified in the Plan?

    Both Unley and Mitcham Councils have a higher percentage of residents aged 85 years and above than metropolitan Adelaide as a whole. There is also an increasing proportion of ‘soon to be ageing’ adults in the region, highlighting the importance of encouraging and supporting these age groups to remain healthy, active and independent as they age. The proportion of young people andyoung adults is also significant.

    Consistent with the State, there is a need to address chronic disease risk factors in the community such as smoking, obesity and physical inactivity.

    There is also a need to plan for the potential public health risks, which may arise from emergency events and climate change impacts on the region. Older residents have been identified as being at particular risk of heat-related health problems.


    What is the purpose of this engagement?

    The purpose of this engagement is to seek your feedback on the draft Living Well Regional Public Health and Wellbeing Plan for the Cities of Unley and Mitcham (Living Well Plan).

    Community feedback on the draft Living Well Plan is critical to ensuring that we’ve captured the key health and wellbeing priorities for the region.  Your feedback will be considered in refining and finalising the Plan which is to be presented to both Councils at the end of July 2014.


    Why is the Living Well Regional Health and Wellbeing Plan being prepared?

    The Living Well Plan for the Cities of Unley and Mitcham has been prepared in response to the new requirements for local Councils under the South Australian Public Health Act 2011.

    The Plan identifies regional public health issues and sets priorities for the next five years having regard to the themes of the State Public Health Plan, as follows:

    • Stronger and Healthier Communities and Neighbourhoods for All Generations
    • Increasing Opportunities for Healthy Living, Healthy Eating and Being Active
    • Preparing for Climate Change
    • Sustaining and Improving Public and Environmental Health Protection

    The Plan also provides a foundation for on-going regional collaboration and partnerships with other relevant Government agencies, local service providers and the community.

    What are the Councils already doing in this area?

    The Cities of Unley and Mitcham already undertake a range of initiatives that support community health and wellbeing.

    Both Councils provide various direct community services which are important to promoting health, including: community transport, Home and Community Care (HACC) services, community centre-based programs, youth development, library services and support programs for residents in Supported Residential Facilities (SRFs). Community programs are also supported through access to the use of Council facilities and the provision of community grants.

    Both Councils support events, which contribute to promoting vibrant communities. Safe and accessible infrastructure is a high priority in planning physical environments for health and mobility. To adequately Plan for an ageing community, the Unley and Mitcham Councils have embraced ‘active ageing’ principles.

    The Cities of Unley and Mitcham also share resources and processes for undertaking environmental health protection functions in the areas of food hygiene and disease control.

    Council staff already have close working relationships with a number of schools, aged care providers and community agencies. There is also an extensive range of health providers in the region.  The Plan therefore seeks to build upon existing Council achievements and the initiatives of other agencies.


    What will happen with my feedback?

    Your feedback will be recorded and considered by the project team in the finalising the Living Well Plan. 

    This information is proposed to be presented to both Councils for endorsement in July 2014.

    Where can I get more information?

    The Living Well plan has been developed by health planning consultants, Healthy Environs, in conjunction with key staff from both the Cities of Unley and Mitcham.

    For further information please contact Sally Modystach, Director Healthy Environs on sally@healthyenvirons.com.au

    Alternatively, you can contact either the City of Unley's General Manager Community, Megan Berghuis, on 83725450 or mberghuis@unley.sa.gov.au or the City of Mitcham's Manager Environmental Health, Jack Darzanos on jdarzanos@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au