What is the purpose of a Tree Strategy?

    The City of Unley recognises the important contribution trees and vegetation make to the City and its community. The Strategy was drafted to set out a vision of keeping Unley leafy for current and future generations.

    The Draft Tree Strategy aims to provide direction for the short and long term management of trees in public and private places. It gives guidance within the scope of relevant legislation for managing, protecting and increasing trees on public land, and, Councils role in educating, supporting and encouraging tree retention and expansion on private land.

    Why is it a Draft Strategy?

    The Draft Strategy was prepared by Council staff through research, data collection and stakeholder workshops, and builds on the original directions set out in the Council's current Tree Strategy.

    As a draft document, It reflects the thinking of Council, and is presented to the community to ensure its reflects community values and support for the key directions contained in the strategy.

    Is this type of approach to tree management being undertaken elsewhere?

    Cities around the world recognise trees as critical urban infrastructure, along with roads, stormwater outlets or public transport. In Australia, most Councils have a their own strategy, strategic document or policy to guide the future direction of trees unique to their local area and community.

    Who has contributed to the development of the Draft Tree Strategy?

    The Draft Tree Strategy has been developed in consultation with the public, staff and key stakeholders. We are currently undertaking further community consultation to ensure the Strategy responds to the voice of our community, and provides us with guidance to keep our City leafy for future generations.

    When will the Tree Strategy come into effect?

    After community consultation has closed, feedback will be collated to inform amendments to the draft Strategy. The final Strategy will then be presented to our Elected Members for council endorsement. 

    It is anticipated that the Tree Strategy will be endorsed during the second half of 2020 calendar year. 

    How do I get a copy of the Draft Tree Strategy?

    An electronic PDF of the Strategy can be accessed by clicking here

    In the interest of reducing paper, we have a limited number of hard copies available. If you require a hard copy please contact us at pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au, with the subject ‘Draft Tree Strategy’

    How can I have my say?

    All feedback on the Draft Tree Strategy must be received by 5 pm Monday, 11 May 2020. 

    There are a number of ways you can provide feedback on the Draft Strategy to Council: 

    • Online: Visit www.yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au and complete the online feedback form.
    • In writing: Download the online feedback form, or request a hard copy by contacting us. 
    • By email: Write to us at pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au, with the subject ‘Draft Tree Strategy’
    • By post: PO Box 1, Unley, South Australia, 5061

    Will Council be holding a public meeting or drop-in session for the community to provide further feedback in person?

    The City of Unley regrets to advise that due to the restrictions currently in place with regard to public meetings due to COVID-19, the online survey will be the only means for community feedback.