What is the purpose of this engagement?

    The purpose of this engagement is to seek your comments to assist in the development of a Master Plan for Unley Oval. 

    Community engagement is a critical step in this project and your comments will be taken into consideration to inform Council's decision making on this project.

    What is the background of this project?

    During 2012, Council undertook consultation with stakeholders (clubs and community groups), and the community on a draft Community Asset Action Plan.

    This plan included a key action to progress a Master Plan for Unley Oval, as well as other key sport and recreation facilities in Unley.

    In September 2012, Council resolved to undertake a Master Plan for Unley Oval, to address key issues and provide direction for the future development of the facility. 

    Where is Unley Oval?

    Unley Oval is one of three sporting hubs within the City of Unely and provides for a wide range of sport and recreational pursuits.

    The Oval is located between Edmund Avenue, Frederick Street, Trimmer Terrace and Langham Terrace, Unley.

    What is Unley Oval used for?

    Unley Oval caters to a wide range of recreaction, leisure and sport uses and is a popular location for the local community as a public park, playspace and for dog walking and exercise.

    Unley Oval is also the homeground to a number of sports groups including the Sturt Football Club, Sturt District Cricket Club, Sturt Lawn Tennis Club and the Sturt Lawn Bowls Club.

    How does Council propose to fund any future development of Unley Oval?

    The Master Plan will enable us to develop a clear direction for what works should at the oval, how much they will cost, and when they should occur.

    Some of the work may be able to be undertaken by Council through the annual budget process, and other work will require additional funds from other sources, such as State and Federal Governments.

    By having a clear direction for the facility, Council will advocate for and make application to various external funding sources to ensure Council is not solely responsible for the cost of future upgrades. 

    Are you talking about amalgamation of clubs?

    As part of this project we will be exploring types of facilities and management options. 

    Whilst Council understands that all clubs have an important relationship with Unley Oval, all options will be considered to provide the best outcome from a future functionaility, asset management, the sport and recreation needs of the community, and the future sustainability of clubs.

    What opportunities will I have to share my view?

    This is the first stage of consultation for this project and there are several ways you can have a say:

    You can share your views by:

    • Completing the survey as part of this engagement forum
    • Attending a public information session at Unley Civic Centre on Wednesday 13th February at either 2pm or 7pm.  To attend contact Pam Hocking on 8372 5108.
    • Writing to Council at Community Engagement, Future Updrades at Forestville Reserve, PO Box 1, Unley SA 5061
    • Obtaining a hard copy of the feedback form via the City of Unley Customer Centre, 181 Unley Road, Unley.

    There will be a second round of community consulation where we will seek input into the draft Master Plan for the facility.

    What previous consultation has taken place regarding this project?

    No other previous consultation has occurred on the Unley Oval Precinct Master Plan to date.

    Council has undertaken consultation on a draft Community Asset Action Plan, which is a document that guides the future of all Council community assets, however, this did not involve the future development of Unley Oval.

    What will happen with my feedback?

    Your feedback will be recorded and considered by the project team in the development of a concept plan for Unley Oval. This information is proposed to be presented to Council for a final decision in July/August 2013.

    What are the next steps of this project?

    Following community consultation, the responses gathered will be compiled in to a summary report and presented to the project team, and will inform recommendations regarding the development of a concept design for the Oval.

    It is proposed that another round of community consultation will be undertaken once the draft concept plan is developed.

    Where can I get more information?

    For further information please contact Council's Recreation & Open Space Coordinator, John Wilkinson on 8372 5111.