Why is there a need to review the City of Unley Library hours?

    How we use our Libraries has changed since we joined the One Card system, allowing you to borrow and return library items across South Australia. And as those habits have changed, we need to make sure we are providing the best service to our community as possible. When we are open is an important facet of our service to you.

    What are the busy and quiet days?

    Our statistics clearly show that Tuesdays are our most popular day at Unley Civic Library while Saturdays are the busiest at Goodwood Library. Use of Unley Civic Library has slowed on Thursday nights (6 ā€“ 8pm), while Monday afternoons are particularly busy due our 1pm opening time.

    One of the major factors we have to consider is that of the large percentage of Unley residents who are employed, over 60% work full time with a further 38% working part time. This is a group of people we need to make sure have the opportunity to use our facilities.

    What changes are proposed?

    There are a number of things we could do, but firstly we would like to ask you what you need from us. This way we can find out what hours are needed and, working within our current budget, act accordingly.

    Will you be reducing or increasing the Libraries opening hours?

    There is no intention to reduce or increase the total opening hours of the Libraries. We are simply seeking feedback on a possible redistribution of our existing opening hours to provide a better service to you.

    How can I participate and offer my feedback?

    We will start asking for your feedback in June 2016.

    Information about the process will be distributed throughout the Libraries both online and offline. There will be survey forms to fill out, you will be able to connect to us using our online community hub, http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/your-say-unley , and there will be facilitated workshops/focus groups in which to participate in. At any time, do not hesitate to ask our staff members for assistance.

    How will I know the results of the survey and other consultation sessions?

    A summary of the survey findings and other consultation sessions will be presented at the October 2016 Unley Council Meeting, with the results and council recommendations to be published in November 2016 both on our website and available as hard copies within the Libraries.

    If library opening hours change, when will they be introduced?

    Changes (if any) are to be introduced on 1 January 2017.

    For further information, please ask at the Libraries or visit http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/your-say-unley