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Community Development Project: Highgate Village Precinct STAGE 2 (Time for Action!)

over 4 years ago

The survey results are in! 

Community consultations have occurred, and there are now a list of strategies to choose from!

Please pick your top 2 suggestions for each category (short, medium and long-term) by Tuesday next week (21st of July). We will then be looking to implement one of prioritised short term outcomes ASAP.

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  • Michcam over 4 years ago
    Messenger, more benchesSALA event, create a brandMore lighting at FPCC, more food, coffee options
  • Jac over 4 years ago
    SHORT TERMTrader display in their windowsDrop in discussion with mayorI think both of these suggestions would be fairly easy to organise and would create some interest early in the projectMEDIUMSALA event - I could put in an entryAdopt a pot - I would be keen to be involved in this and could encourage my neighbours to assistLONGFootpath delineationWine bar - this would be fantastic but difficult due to cost of setting up and getting someone involved. I do like the idea of a pop-up wine bar particularly during SALA event.Artistic fencing - i was thinking of espaliered fruit trees and flowering schrubs.
  • Agnes Day over 4 years ago
    Long Term Objective - Get more people to do business hereshort term - make it look like an exciting place to visit , pop-up cafe, younger artwork, supermarket to take off the writing on the mall doors on Fullarton Road and add balloons, bunting, banners, other so the entrance looks inviting. It looks dark and dreary and I think lots of people think the supermarket is still closedmedium term - more the Fullarton market to here or cross pollinate somehow? open a community space / centrelong term - I have lived within walking distance for about 8 years. I think that in the longer term, the supermarket MUST rework the entry and mall area to be more open, light, airy,and inviting by redesign or minor redevelopment. From the street, it is foreboding and dark now - a bit like an old fashioned hospital corridor - and the casual person, in my opinion, would choose not to enter. Perhaps the mall should be widened and opened up to include the area now occupied by Einos (?) cafe and the Einos cafe moved to the empty shop area(s).
  • B&B over 4 years ago
    What a great list Luisa .... sorry not to be able to make the meeting. We offer the following comments from the list above:SHORT: traders putting some fun and colour in their windows/shop fronts to create a theme, connection and interest; pop up cafe/wine barMEDIUM: adopt a pot can run in conjunction with greening the verge with the assistance of Urrbrae (great idea) and can add colour and interest which can finger out from the village and up adjoining streets; street art and murals will also add a sense of vibrancy and engage younger residentsLONG: having more food and coffee options is a great idea (although it is only as good as the operators); improving safety fencing and adding colour to the entrace to the mall
  • Dementia1 over 4 years ago
    Short term - places to sit and gatherMedium term - parking signage well in advance in both directions along Fullarton RoadLong term - pergolas/outdoor areas back of Post Office, bakery and/or wine bar
  • pedro over 4 years ago
    Short Term: Pop up café in front of chemist; Traders Association involved in outcomesMedium Term: Create a brand for Highgate; Greening the Strip in association with UrbraeLong Term: Enry and Exit Statements; lighting up trees etcThe element of "fun" is important. Currently, the area is a single purpose place to visit... go to the chemist; go to the craft shops; have the dog groomed but not to stroll and linger. The Traders' Association cannot remain passive and need to encourage people to stay and linger and offer some reason for people to stay.
  • SMS over 4 years ago
    Short Term: Pop up cafe in front of chemist; community involvement to 'get things happening'Medium Term: ice cream, coffee, bars; create a brand for Highgate VillageLong Term: bakery; more food options during the day (and night)
  • Erni over 4 years ago
    Create a stained glass and leadlight panel for the Unley Library depicting the history of the Unley area from early residency and administration to the current era. This could be commissioned from Erni Tinesz stained glass artist of Fullarton who is at the 40 year peak of his career. Filmed recently by Grand Designs for a soon to be aired episode, and also for an ABC tv series titled 'The Artisans' , Erni is the inaugural Royal Aust Institute of Architects "Art In Architecture' National Award winner, and has been nominated twice more. He was also recently interviewed on-air by Peter Goers on his ABC Adelaide radio program titled 'Unforgettable South Australians. Grab him before he gets too busy to commission again.
  • Sarah over 4 years ago
    Short term- pop up cafe in front of chemist; community involvement to get things happeningMedium term- sala event; greening of the stripsLong term - wine bar, more food and coffee options
  • Bexxie over 4 years ago
    Short term - pop up cafe in front of chemist (this space is such a waste at the moment) the walking trail seems like an interesting concept .. I've lived on Fullarton Road for about 5 years and don't know the real history behind Myrtle Bank/Highgate .. would be fun to take the kids on a trail or grandkids for the older residents.Medium term - Coffee shop @ Community Centre sounds like a good idea. I think local people would love to drop in for a coffee/cake/chat with other locals and also get to find out what's available and happening within the area. Adopt-a-pot is an awesome idea. Younger families with children can be encouraged to maintain their own pot etc ..or for the older residents who love gardening .. it would get them out and about.Long term - More food/coffee options during the day and more lighting
  • Julie over 4 years ago
    Generally the area needs to become more inviting to people to visit several shops and stay for a coffee or mealShort Term - Pop up café in front of the chemist and places to sit and chat with some greeneryMedium term – Let passing traffic know that the area is open for business. Clear parking signs and an inviting entrance to the mall.Long term – footpath delineation and artistic fencing. More food and coffee options and some where with access for pushers.
  • jude.nicholls over 4 years ago
    Short: Pop up coffee cafe in front of the chemist with interesting, welcoming surrounds.Medium: Property owners to be encouraged to upgrade and beautify.Long: Artisan style bakery and patisserie.
  • RaphaelM over 4 years ago
    Hi: thanks for enabling this consultation. I am sorry that I missed the first round because I don't know what the project was originally seeking and I am unsure that any of the above suggestions, unless enacted as part of a wider strategy, will result in the long-term re-invigoration of this lovely retail precinct. Ms Agnes Day (below) has suggested a number of structural changes, designed to make the place more inviting and enjoyable - and I agree with her. Before introducing new (probably doomed, without assistance) offerings,we should be focused upon enabling the existing (struggling) business to build their custom, because most have served our community well. In tandem, we should look at what the local community needs/desires for the area, e.g. are there a lot of home-based businesses in the locality; would a co-working facility be patronised/viable? Do we need a bookkeeping service or IT helper? With an increasingly ageing demograhic, what services will draw people in? Who else misses the dry cleaner?! What sort of bakery are people asking for? Would anyone else pay to get our online shopping parcels delivered to a central place while we're at work? Why did the fruit shop and the bakery experience difficulties... was it because of the wrong product/quality mix? So, short-term: good retail-based research coupled with community consultation to determine demand projection. Medium- and long-term outcomes would natually follow. Regards, Raphael Murphy (Fullarton)
  • RFairlie over 4 years ago
    Short term -pop up cafe in front of chemist, community involvement to get "things happening"medium term - open community centre, add exercise equipment, SALA eventsI love all the long term options - go Highgate Village!
  • Agnes Day over 4 years ago
    I agree with Raphael M. It needs to be an holistic approach so people stay around and go to more than one shop. I think that there are quite a few really lovely well-presented shops with good content that cater for the discerning customer and I love to visit them for specific items but it doesn't make me wander along and visit several shops per visit. The Highgate Village area needs an advertising 'tag' that emphasises the quality. An opening gambit for this - "Highgate Village: where the quality shops are"