What do you think of our Draft Community Engagement Policy - is there anything missing?

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded. Thank you to those who provided feedback. We will now be considering all comments as part of the review of our Community Engagement Policy and revising our procedures.

  • Jenny over 6 years ago
    It seems to be very comprehensive and I can't think of anything that has been left out.
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    • KISS over 6 years ago
      It is written in bureaucratic jargon which doesn't make sense - please communicate with us in SIMPLE English!
      Check that your communications reach their intended audience eg I haven't seen a Messenger for over a year.
      How about some communicaton on setting Unley rates?
      Councillor's newsletters and blogs are an example of effective communication - take a leaf out of their book.
      Don't make us fill in forms or get bogged down in nonsensical OHS dictates - we are generally very busy people.
      Can we please have person to person communication? - I object to having to communicate with P O Box 1 Unley!
  • RECC over 6 years ago
    I am not able to access it on the computer as it seems to have been taken down in spite of the deadline for submission being the 17 January
  • James over 6 years ago
    I believe the policy is good, but would like to make the following suggestions:
    1. The International Association for Public Participation (iafp2 Public participation Spectrum) proposes 5 elements in the Public Participation Spectrum - Inform, Consult, Involve, Empower & Collaborate. The City of Unley Draft Policy (Point 4. (d)) only has the first 3 - Informing, Consulting & Involving. While Empower may not be appropriate as it proposes placing the final decision-making in the hands of the public, I formally ask that Collaborate, be included as this involves partnering with the public in each aspect of the decision including the development of alternatives and the identification of the preferred solution.
    2. Council has relied on engaging with the community via The Messenger/Eastern Courier and Unley Life. There are problems with these publications in that receipt of the Messenger is unreliable and this is outside the control of Council. Walking around many streets in Unley, one can see the Eastern Courier lying on the footpath as it is not alwayes dropped over the fence. If the resident does not find the paper, it ends up in the gutter and is swept up as rubbish. With Unley Life, it seems to be an historical record as many matters and events have been completed or the timeframe is too short to allow time for comment or attendance.
    3. Depending on the matter/issue concerned, multiple methods of engagement may be necessary, e.g. Public Notices in the print media; letter box drops / letters to residents; fact sheets that are factual and not a misrepresentation to make the scenario look attractive; notices re public forums and now, emails via 'Your Say' (I look forward to this new facility).
    4. Public Forums can be useful, but need to to be strictly controlled so that attendees' focus is directed to the specific subject and not diverted to minor/small issues (albeit important to them), but not related to the purpose of the forum.
    5. When visiting Ridge Park recently, I saw a Notice Board containing a notice about the Community Consultation Meeting. Given the numbers of residents I see utilising Unley's parks and reserves, I beileve this may be a useful method of communication, but have not seen any Notice Boards in Heywood Park, The Orphanage Park or Souter Park (to name a few).
  • anna over 6 years ago
    I'm not a resident of Unley, but I do keep an eye on community engagement in local government and I often spend time in Unley. The thing about this policy that I like is the plain language and 'we promise' nature of the tone. Well done.