What matters/ issues do you want to be informed about or share your views on?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

This consultation has concluded. Thank you to those who provided feedback. We will now be considering all comments as part of the review of our Community Engagement Policy and revising our procedures.

  • Jenny about 6 years ago
    I would like more information regarding footpath and road upgrades. The timing and how they are scheduled.
  • Minnie about 6 years ago
    I strongly believe that what council deems as nescassary information to provide to ENTIRE neighbourhoods about residential developments / renovations must be addressed. Giving too much power to others has great potential to cause friction, tension and both time and money wastage.
  • RECC about 6 years ago
    Any new development or change of use in the city of Unley; any sale of community land; any new projects over 1 million dollars.