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Community Forum feedback

almost 5 years ago

Council has recently sought community feedback on the original 2009 Urban Design Framework for Goodwood Main Street Precinct. During the 7-11 April, staff hosted daily drop-in sessions on the street, as well as held a community forum on Wednesday 8th April.

These sessions allowed the community to review and provide feedback on the strategic directions of the original document, assess the benefits of the works completed since 2009 (UDF recommendations) and to give Council an understanding of the community’s values and perceptions towards Goodwood in 2015. This has established a shared understanding to be reflected in design proposals that seek solutions to the issues and opportunities identified.

Design ideas will be developed and presented to the community to be tested in an open and iterative process. This is anticipated to occur during May and June, leading to presenting a final design in July.

Thank you to all those who stopped by during the week and shared their ideas, as well as those who took the time to attend the forum or to complete the online surveys.

A summary of feedback received from the community is now available. It can be accessed via the Document Library tab.

The Community Survey will remain open until 5pm 1st May, 2015.

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Hemmed in almost 3 years ago
Your plans have focussed on making the area safer and more amenable for pedestrians (and this is to be applauded) but have ignored the travelling impact on local residents. Have you undertaken a community vehicular impact study?
montpellier almost 3 years ago
Hi Guys,You would create an unacceptable bottle-neck for those drivers who reside in Victoria Street and wish to turn into Goodwood Road from Victoria Street. Imagine vehicles wishing to turn into Victoria Street off Goodwood Road and confronted by another vehicle driving up Victoria Street where only one vehicle is able to pass. At the moment two vehicles are able to pass each other at the area where council is planning to upgrade with extended paving and flower bed arrangements. Have a look at the trouble caused at the bottom end of Chelmsford Ave right down where it meets East Tce. Cars are parked both sides of the Chelmsford Ave during a normal working day. Folks park their vehicles to catch a bus into the city. Despite to 'no turning during 07.00am to 09.0am signs at that area of the street, people do park there. Vehicles driving down Chelmsford Ave towards East Tce are restricted to one car space and any vehicle turning into Chelmsford Ave will not be able to pass and have to wait on East Tce. This situation will be duplicated if council goes ahead with the bottle-neck at the corner of Victoria Street at the Goodwood Road junction. Please re-think the beautification on Victoria Street and Goodwood Institute urgently.
RayJo over 4 years ago
With parking allowed on both sides of Goodwood road it would have to be one of the worst 'single lane' main roads in Adelaide. I for one avoid it and would never shop there, ever. I even hate to drive through there as hold ups from turning traffic can be a worst nightmare.