Please provide feedback on Priority 3: Preparing for Climate Change

over 5 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Sets actions for research into climate change adaptation in the region, urban planning for climate change and working with the community to promote environmental sustainability.  Refer Priority 3 Fact Sheet

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Consultation has concluded

  • peter.croft about 6 years ago
    I support the emphasis on actions 3.1 to 3.3 dealing with climate change. In addition, while the issue of planning is touched on in 3.3, I would like to raise the issue of dwelling design. Climate change effects will become very noticeable over the balance of this century. During this period (86 years), quite a bit of the housing stock in the city will either be replaced or renewed. I appreciate that there are limitations within the planning system for mandating climate-change-adapative structures. However, is there a more creative way of encouraging climate change adaptation in the built environment? For example, would it be possible to foster good design in housing by having a design competition (run with Mitcham)? Or for Council to buy a block of land, build a climate-sensitive house, display it publicly, then sell it - hopefully, for no net outlay?
  • gwyn jolley about 6 years ago
    While most of these actions are useful I think there could be more information and access to recycling and waste reduction initiatives. Ideas could include food co-ops, tool libraries, local recycling options. Most households seem to have got the message but what about business and industry?