What are your views on Priority 2: Increasing Opportunities for Healthy Living, Healthy Eating and Being Active?

over 5 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Sets actions for planning environments and working with communities to promote physical activity and healthy eating. It also considers actions for discouraging smoking through ‘smoke free’ environmentsRefer Priority 2 Fact Sheet

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Consultation has concluded

  • peter.croft about 6 years ago
    I am strongly supportive of action which can be taken to encourage the community to grow more of their own food, and, especially, to eat healthy food. Particularly important given climate change which will force the price of fresh local food upwards. (actions 2.18-2.20). I also note that Heart Disease deaths in Unley East (page 13 of Local Government Public Health Atlas) seem very high compared with the rest of Unley and Mitcham (and the State!). Is that due to high number of residential care beds (page 6 of Health Atlas)?
  • Jane Hiscock about 6 years ago
    I read about the emphasis on volunteering and the statistics on the number of people who are physically active. I would be interested to see an initiative which created a connection/network between volunteers/mentors and those who might benefit from encouragement/information about how to become more active. Jane Hiscock
  • gwyn jolley about 6 years ago
    Following from 2.6 I would like to see sporting clubs (and all community-based events/activities) adopting healthy food and drink choice policies, free drinking water and access to shade. Also in workplaces.