How do you want to be involved in creating art(s) in Unley

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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Consultation has concluded

  • Helen_2 over 6 years ago
    I would love to be involved in creating public art in Unley. I have experience in community murals, ceramic mosaics, and sculpture. I enjoy working with others on community projects.
  • Richard Peake over 6 years ago
    When planning any public artwork, the council should consult the community throughout the process, for example when it's drafting the specification (which should set out the site for the artwork as well as the concepts and parameters); when it has received drawings, models, maquettes etc, so that hopefully they can all go on public display; and when it has costed the artwork. Unley does not have many public artworks but it does have some horrible ones.
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    • LOD over 6 years ago
      I understand the intent here, but I think excessive community consultation would largely be a waste of time and money. Art is so subjective. I think the council should just make some brave decisions. Art should sometimes be challenging!
  • Kal over 6 years ago
    I think schools in the local area should be involved in some way or maybe put out an 'expression of interest' form for art teachers who would like to apply for one of their classes to be a part of the creation of the artwork. Maybe have a theme or concept that they would have to fit their idea to, they then as a class work to make a proposal of how they would do it and then submit the idea to he council. The council could involve professional carpenters, metal fabricators etc. to construct parts of the sculpture and the students could make the rest i.e mosaics, murals, clay sculptures, totem poles etc. the schools and students are a part of the community and there are some willing art teachers who have a lot of experience working on public art pieces with their students. I know i would love to do something like that with my students.
  • Clicksydo over 6 years ago
    I would love to see ephemeral art that has at its process the involvement - whimsical, thoughtful, provocative - of passers by. With the right professional artist/ facilitator, the project could meet additional aims such as building community connections, building local identity or encouraging creativity.