What factors are important in creating Art(s) in Unley

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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Consultation has concluded

  • Helen_2 over 6 years ago
    Colour. Durability- especially if outdoors. Being well made. Expressing shared interests or concerns, e.g. appreciation of the environment or expressing cultural heritage or expressing an idea such as transformation by using recycled materials. The opportunity for the community to interact with the artwork would be valuable - to walk through, rest in or add to by e.g. contributing temporary fabric pieces to be woven in, or bird food , or....?
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    • Richard Peake over 6 years ago
      A public artwork in Unley should probably say something about Unley, reflecting its heritage, culture, people, environment etc. And it should complement the place where it is sited, not stick out like a sore thumb. Obviously needs to be out of reach of vandals and graffitists. If it involves water, needs to be designed in a way which is water efficient and not lend itself to become a repository for rubbish or to turn green/brown/black.
  • Kaybee over 6 years ago
    Holding community art workshops/crafternoons to get the locals involved in the art they want to see in their community, plus you never know you might make some new friends!
  • maxmarshall2 over 6 years ago
    Since Unley has a leafy feel, some links with the environment are important. Also public art should moderate the ugliest aspects of Unley, like that crime to the eye, Unley Shopping Centre.
  • Rachael over 6 years ago
    High Quality. Good art is not cheap - dont scrimp. Always good to involve community but equally important to enagage professional contemporary artists in the process.