What ideas, imagings or aspirations do you have for public art(s) in Unley?

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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Consultation has concluded

  • Helen_2 over 6 years ago
    My aspiration is that there should be more of it! I enjoy the prolific public art along Goodwood Rd. Public art could be temporary or permanent. A public art festival or occasion for temporary art ideas/ installations , open to the public to participate, could give an opportunity for ideas to be started. A few to be further developed could be selected from this.
  • Sorento Care over 6 years ago
    Sorento Care has various clients with either a physical or intellectual disability who undertake artwork workshops as social activities/outings. It would be fantastic to see some of their artwork projected and displayed on the front of the council building similar to the digital light displays along North Terrace and down at the Port Adelaide precinct last year. These digital displays could be fixed (not moving) thus not impacting on the local traffic passing by. www.sorentocare.com.au
  • Rachael over 6 years ago
    I agree with Helen - more of it - and in unexpected places. I love seeing installations in public places, and often these are quite temporary. I also think public art with a quirky sensibility engages people who dont often go into gallery-type spaces. Ive jsut spent time in Wellington and there is a great range of public art in the city - often a lot of it is large scale, impressive and very well made. Check out the bronze figure of the man about to jump into the harbour on the waterfront in front of Te Papa
  • cyprea over 6 years ago
    Lots more ! More pop-up art, and temporary exhibits. More opportunity for individuals to contribute to collective expressions. I especially like ephemeral art, and think that the temporary nature of this kind of public art, inspires people to be on their streets. There are many streets that are "attractive" but have no soul. I'd like to see art in those places, not necessarily only the main streets or in public parks. * What about creative road art? We need to be prompted to think about the swathes of asphalt all around us. How about a Yellow Bike Road? There are many examples in other communities of painted roundabouts, whole entire roads being designated public art localities, etc. * Public art trails? * Glebe point road has some wonderful examples. Brighten up single coloured fences! * I'd like to see more public art related to past aboriginal and european history, especially reference to past commercial or cultural uses of spaces in Unley. * Why not enhance the role of public art, by making Unley THE hub in Adelaide for public art, and as such invite tourism, learning institutions, conferences, etc and make it an economic sector in itself?