What places, people or events (past or present) should public art(s) recognise?

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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Consultation has concluded

  • Helen_2 over 6 years ago
    The different cultural groups which have contributed to our way of life and make up our community should be acknowledged: Vietnamese boat people, post war migrants, early German settlers...etc. ( But an attempt to include all groups in one piece could be unwieldy to organise and unfair if some are missed out. )
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    • Richard Peake over 6 years ago
      We don't need sculptures or monuments to Unley City Council members and staff like the ugly monstrosity which blocks the footpath on King William Road as a "tribute" to the council of the day when the road was paved. No more of these vanity projects please.
  • Michael over 6 years ago
    Howard Florey grew up in Unley in the early 1900's and then went to Oxford where he developed Penicillin. Adelaide University named one of its biggest lecture theatres in his honour, and he used to feature on our $50 note, but I'm not aware of anything in Unley to mark his early life here. Wikipedia's article on Florey says: "Florey's discoveries are estimated to have saved over 82 million lives. Florey is regarded by the Australian scientific and medical community as one of its greatest scientists. Sir Robert Menzies, Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister, said that "In terms of world well-being, Florey was the most important man ever born in Australia"."
  • Solowlet over 6 years ago
    I would like to see a sculpture commemorating Bill Mackerel who used to live in Porter Street Parkside. Bill is well known to Parkside residents as he always had time to chat with passersby. He is currently living in a nursing home. He founded a charity to help children. He also used to give away money to kids at Unley Shopping Centre so they could play and have fun. It feels like a piece of history is gone now he is not living in Porter Street. I would like to see a physical reminder of him created as public art so his story is not lost.
  • Sorento Care over 6 years ago
    I think the arts should recognise artists with a disability, whether it be intellectual or physical. As a not for profit care organisation, Sorento Care often has clients who attend and participate in various arts groups. These clients would be delighted if their artwork is made available for viewing by the general public. Maybe there could be a space made available for these artists to work, with locals being able to see the "work in progress". This is particularly rewarding for both the artist and the passer by seeing the work in development (ie; mosaic etc). www.sorentocare.com.au
  • Rachael over 6 years ago
    Acknowledgment/ Recognition of the indigenous history of the area. Public art could be created/ inspired by some of the heritage buildings/ houses in the area