Do you have any other ideas or comments about improving community health and wellbeing in the region?

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • cyprea over 6 years ago
    In the quick poll the answer I do more than one thing, comes up as "eating healthily"
  • peter.croft over 6 years ago
    An important aspect of health and well-being is the ability to walk (or ride) easily and safely around the suburbs. What would be great is to see a plan to progressively build trails through the Council areas to facilitate this. One aspect of trails would be the transportation component - linking to shops/services/transport hubs. Appropriately designed, they could also facilitate other goals - for example, they could form a way to show public art (Sydney has a renowned public sculpture walk near Bondi which does this), link public parks and community recreation spaces, and provide opportunities for adjacent local businesses such as coffee places to thrive
  • Elena over 6 years ago
    An indoor pool would be great - the Unley pool is nice but not able to be used all year round. Swimming and aquarobics are great exercise, especially for older people
  • Janet over 6 years ago
    This is not a well designed forum , not easy. Re Unley, there is a large empty or almost, building, the Sturt Football club, which could be used as a professional gallery and work space, run not for amateurs but for professional artists and crafts people, of which there are many in Unley, it's so big it could have studio space as well as a well curated gallery, cafe, discussion space and make money for the council and artists I am not suggesting it be a gallery like The other one which I think is called Hughes parkor Fullarton Rd, but for professional artists and students studying at a tertiary level, not a space for amateurs, as that is already covered.Maybe theatre space as well, such a pity to see such large empty space
  • Richard Peake over 6 years ago
    Flooding potential is a continuing concern in Unley. Having experienced flooding from blocked stormwater drains on residential streets in Unley, I worry every time there's heavy rain because I know that Unley and Mitcham councils can do much more to mitigate flooding. If only they would get on with it!