What are your thoughts about the proposed directions for the Health & Wellbeing Plan for Unley and Mitcham?

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

These directions are:

  • Promoting vibrant community places.
  • Planning environments for physical activity and accessibility for all.
  • Preparing for the public health impacts of climate change and bushfire and flood emergencies.
  • Planning for intergenerational population mix.
  • Engaging business in promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Engaging with people who work full-time.
  • Opportunities for planning and partnerships with community agencies and the aged care and education sectors.
  • Strengthening the role of community centres and libraries.
  • Community ownership of the heath agenda including healthy eating and a clean and green environment.
  • Exploring shared service opportunities for environmental health protection.
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This consultation has concluded.

  • cyprea over 6 years ago
    Immediately, health appears from these directions to have an overemphasis on the physical, at the expense of mental or emotional. 1 "Promoting vibrancy community places" Does this mean an increase in number/quality of places or simply marketing what already exists? We need an increase in these. Cultural vibrancy also requires the quality of resilience, an ability to bounce back from challenges (both risk and opportunity need to be articulated) 2 "Planning environments…." Again, does this suggest an increase? It is not simply physical - natural spaces of reflection & connection particularly important (e.g. Unley Oval, e.g. an overemphasis on physical. An example of the other types of spaces needed might be the way we have destroyed our waterway trails & buried our creeks. We need to get those kinds of areas back) 3 Climate change Not simply impacts of climate change and increased frequency & incidence of extreme weather events. (Btw is not only flood & fire, but wind, hail, rain, cold, all extremes) but mitigation to prevent further impacts. This includes mental health impacts. Additionally, design of infrastructure - since designing hard infrastructure not suited to a new climate paradigm carries massive financial risks & therefore economic health risks to all. 4 Yes ! Not simply intergenerational, but rapidly changing ethno-culutral mix. Additionally the time & financial pressures on middle-age families who cannot participate in community life erodes the success of the population overall. 5. See above. Trying to being working people closer to their places of residence should be an important goal. 6. Yes. 7. Absolutely, and increasing the flexibility and relevance of their roles. More focussed on needs of middle ages and professionals. Greater flexibility of hours, etc. 8. Would like to understand more about this, perhaps more participatory decision-making and PREVENTION. 9. Agreed, strengthening of "inter-institutional" ties.
  • peter.croft over 6 years ago
    I generally support these directions. My concern is over their implementation. Many of these directions will find their way into subsidiary plans and, over time, yield an outcome. However, I would suggest that it would be worth considering the value of a small handful of projects which address a number of these goals and really focus on their implementation over a year or two. That will achieve visibility of outcomes.
  • Richard Peake over 6 years ago
    One would have to wonder why the two councils have come up with such broad, deep and all-encompassing "directions" and whether they have considered the potential cost and how it would be funded, eg by rates or grants. No problem with vibrant community places (eg parks, gardens, reserves, playgrounds). But so many other "directions" are either not the role of councils or are just "thought bubbles" which would result in even bigger council bureaucracies.
  • James over 6 years ago
    The proposed 'key directions' read well, but I am not sure how they will all be implemented and need some elaboration. By 'vibrant community places' do you mean developing and area such as Soutar Park or Heywood Park into a 'Fun Park' with regular weekend activities? Or do you mean providing more shelters, BBQs, outdoor gym equipment to that people are encouraged to visit these parks/areas. I'm also not sure what business can do to promote healthy lifestyles - stop selling junk food, high sugar drinks and cigarettes? I think developing library facilities as you seem to be doing is a good idea so that people off all ages with common and diverse interests can come toghether to learn and also for social interaction. With so many people sitting at their computers and game devices, the need to face-to-face social interaction is becoming increasingly important.