What does a healthy community mean to you?

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • cyprea over 6 years ago
    So much more than the standard generalization of health. A complete package of environmental, social, economic & cultural well-being. Almost impossible in our current economic paradigm. It involves most importantly (in relatively wealthy places like Unley) a commitment to equity of resources and wealth, a collaborative way of governing that is greatly responsive to citizen engagement, long-term political committment and an emphasis on wellness over health, i.e., all aspects of living should be focussed on prevention, not cure (e.g. obesity, biodiversity protection, mental health).
  • peter.croft over 6 years ago
    I support Cyprea's comments (23 January). In particular, I would add " a healthy community" means (to me) one where there is a future for the community. In other words, the energy, investments, and relationships which go to make up the community have an ongoing value. If there is no future, children leave and seek jobs elsewhere; and people decide that they can't see themselves living there.
  • Richard Peake over 6 years ago
    This is subjective. No doubt the Australian Bureau of Statistics (or perhaps a Commonwealth or State Government department or agency) can produce profiles of healthy and unhealthy communities throughout Australia by comparing numerous factors in physical and mental health. Factors would include longevity, visits to GPs and other health professions, hospital visits (including drug and alcohol admissions) etc etc. Has Unley City Council sought or obtained such a profile? It would be useful. So far as local government is concerned, I believe a council's main roles and responsibilities in health are in environmental health, such as inspecting food places (to ensure the food we buy is hygienically handled) and immunisations.
  • James over 6 years ago
    A healthy community results from a number of factors. It is one that is - free from environmental hazards as far as possible and implements a plan to overcome unavoidable risks, e.g. pollution from motor vehicles by maintaining trees that will absorb carbons and generate oxygen; - promotes physical activity for people of all ages and provides the necessary facilities, e.g. children's playgrounds, tennis courts, walking and bike paths, etc. This could include something as simple as maintaining footpaths so people are not at risk if tripping/falling if they go for a walk. - provides the opportunity for social interaction, e.g. the play groups at Goodwood library, Senior Citizens group, outings (bus trips), home visits etc. - provides assistance to those in need of care, either within their home such as general maintenance & gardening, shopping (Community Bus is a good example) or being taken to appointments. - provides a safe envionment where people feel secure and can travel safely within the community.
  • R23 over 6 years ago
    Actives ways to get around, open space, community gardens - ways that the community can engage with eachother and incorporate healthy routines into ordinary life.
  • Christy over 6 years ago
    A healthy community is a wholistic approach (emotional, physical, spiritual, practical etc) to everyday life, creating greater connections between neighbours for support and ensuring those who are struggling are not left behind - sharing the wealth.