What other key issues or opportunities would you like reflected in the Health and Wellbeing Plan?

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • peter.croft over 6 years ago
    A similar comment to the previous one. Rather than have the proposed directions diffused over many parts of Councils' operations, I would encourage picking a few projects and aim to implement in a short period. Then repeating with another batch of projects.
  • Marelle Wilson over 6 years ago
    I think there needs to be some acknowledgement of the impact of chronic pain on health and wellbeing. About 1 in 5 Australians experience chronic pain and up to 80% of these individuals do not receive the full care needed to manage pain and improve quality of life. Community based, up to date programs are needed, in line with the National Pain Strategy (2010).
  • Richard Peake over 6 years ago
    I would like to be more confident that all the places where I buy food (whether delis, supermarkets, coffee shops, cafes or restaurants) are regularly and frequently checked by environmental health inspectors to ensure that all food is stored, prepared, cooked and handled hygienically. A council's core responsibility is to guarantee its residents and visitors that food is safe. So often, one sees untrained or slipshod staff handle food in an unsafe way.