What do you think of a 'Bike Buddy' or 'Bike Bus' program?

by MeganS , about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

We are considering two different programs to help encourage people who work in the CBD to ride their bikes more for transport.

A 'bike buddy' program would pair experienced riders up with people who are interested in riding to provide support for a few trips into the CBD to help increase an individual's confidence in riding.

A 'bike bus' program would involve a group of riders (experienced and inexperienced) meeting at a set location at a set time to ride to and from work. The group would be lead by an experienced rider called the 'bus driver'.

Do you think that either of these programs would be beneficial to you? Why/Why not?

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This consultation has concluded.

  • mac family over 7 years ago
    well the beauty of a bike is you are free from time ... "no waiting of a bus" so i dont think the bike bus will work. (wait for other people ... than ride to work) to the confidence of bike rides we will need save bike tracks, and they dont stop at big intersections or crossings ... as i see many of them. Follow through with a bike track sometimes it starts great ... but at the end you will be throwing in with the traffic (cars and trucks)
  • NickyP about 7 years ago
    I agree with the Mac family - cycling commuting is largely about doing it under your own steam and in your own time - although riding in a gang is great fun, just not on my way to work. A "bike bus" to attend particular events might get more takers? eg Womad, Adelaide Oval events, Fringe parade. Better facilities is always the main thing!
  • perry about 7 years ago
    I think a bike buddy program could work. Too often do I hear inexperienced riders trying to do the right thing and having one bad experience that puts them off altogether. We put so much effort into educating drivers on road safety, why not bikers? Not that it should be a compulsory test or anything, but a few good rides with an experienced cyclist to point out dangerous spots or little cues to look out for (someone about to open a door into you / staying out of a truck's blindspot) would be a great thing to boost confidence and safety amongst riders.
  • local2 almost 7 years ago
    I support the programs on the condition that safe and adequate pedestrian space is maintained. I have recently noticed an increase in bike riders travelling along foot paths which puts them at risk of being hit by vehicles exiting driveways, particularly those with high fences where visibily is obstructed until the vehicle in onto the footpath. I would like to see a desgniated speed limit for bike riders on bike tracks, particularly if a shared space and that the speed is periodically monitored by council. I regularly walk along the designated bike tracks and note that many bike riders are travelling close to road speed despite the presence of riders travelling in the opposite direction and pedestrians who often have children and dogs with them.
  • KatieH over 6 years ago
    Sounds like a great program. I've just moved to Forestville and would be happy to act as a mentor for anyone cycling in the area.
  • Jacky over 6 years ago
    For me, improving the state of the actual bike path along Unley Road is a higher priority. I might be tempted to try the buddy or bus once but not regularly. Nothing against the idea, just that I like the flexibility of leaving as soon as I'm ready and also like to ride with my children to school if our timings are compatible.
  • Jac over 6 years ago
    Could be a good idea but I no longer work in the city so would not use the service.
  • James over 6 years ago
    I am an experienced cyclist, but I do not enjoy riding along Unley, King William or Goodwood Roads during the working week due to the number of parked cars and volume of traffic. I commend bike paths such as the Mike Turtur Bikeway. While the 'Bike Buddy'programme might be of interest for some peole, it is not something I would choose to do. The 'bike bus' programme does interest me, but I am retired and wonder if the programme could be expanded to include an arrangement for retirees.