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Visit our Home Page for new opportunities to be involved. We will continue to update this site to give you a chance to have Your Say on new projects. This site complements the many other ways that you can share your views, including written submissions by completing survey forms, emails or letters, by meeting with staff, attending information sessions, focus groups and Council meetings.

Welcome to Your Say Unley: the City of Unley's online community engagement hub.

Your Say Unley is designed to provide you with a convenient and easy way to share ideas and discuss important topics and issues that shape and impact our city. By participating in these online forums, you can actively contribute and inform Council's decision making.

Depending on the project, registration may be required to participate in the online discussion forums: it's free and easy to join and you can choose your own user name to comment. We invite you to register and be involved.

Visit our Home Page for new opportunities to be involved. We will continue to update this site to give you a chance to have Your Say on new projects. This site complements the many other ways that you can share your views, including written submissions by completing survey forms, emails or letters, by meeting with staff, attending information sessions, focus groups and Council meetings.


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  • Is there a neighbourhood Facebook page for Unley? I received a letter in my mail box a while ago which I ignored at the time, but since working in the West Croydon and Kilkenny area and being involved in these communities, I am very impressed by their neighbourhood fb forum. Love Campbelltown is another example of a very informative and interactive page for residents.

    Marigold asked 6 months ago

    Hello, apologies for the delay in responding. I’m not aware of a general community group for Unley however there are a few Facebook group pages in existence by specific interest groups eg:

    • Unley Bicycle Users promote walking and cycling as an enjoyable, safe and effective transport option
    • Friends of Unley Oval support recreational users of the facility.

    Council has a series of Facebook pages that you may wish to follow, though not groups they do promote events and activities happening in Unley:

    • Unley Libraries
    • Fullarton Park Community Centre
    • Unley Community Centre
    • Clarence Park Community Centre
    • City of Unley Events.

    I hope this information is of some assistance, kind regards Karen.

  • Residing in Goodwood for the past 28 years, I appreciate the new upgrade of King William Road. There will be a lot to like about it when it is finished. However, I am very frustrated by the planning and changes to the King William Road, Mitchell Street intersection. Travelling east along Mitchell Street toward KW road, there are now 2 problems that did not exist before. There is only one lane, so anyone turning left into KW Road, blocks through traffic. This is because of an extension of the footpath at that corner - not needed here in my opinion. To compound the problem, the light cycle is so short now, I sometimes I have to wait 3 cycles of the lights to get through to continue my travels along Park Terrace. I have spoken to a number of my neighbours, agreeing the present situation is very annoying. Can someone please look at this newly created problem. Regards Chris Purdie

    Chris Purdie asked 6 months ago

    Thank you for your question Chris. The Park/Mitchell St intersection is currently closed to traffic to allow for the installation of new traffic lights (reopening 6am Friday 4 October). Once installed and commissioned the new traffic lights will be reprogrammed to match the new intersection design. We thank everybody for their patience and ongoing support as we transform King William Road into Adelaide’s most loved main street.

  • Hi I am wondering if jacaranda trees will be planted up and down Unley road. It would be a beautiful sight. Felicity.

    Felicity asked over 1 year ago

    Hi Felicity, thank you for your question.

    Greening options for Unley Road are currently being considered.

    Administration recently provided Council with a report on the feasibility of planting trees on either or both sides of Unley Road. If you’d like to read the report it can be found at Item 1099 of the February 2018 Council Agenda (https://www.unley.sa.gov.au/CityOfUnley/media/CoU-Media-Library/Council%20and%20Administration/Full%20Council/Final-Council-Agenda-26-February-2018-public.pdf?ext=.pdf).

    The report takes into consideration the advantages, issues, risks and costs associated with such a project.

    After considering the report, Elected Members carried the motion that:

    - Replacement trees be planted in the ten (10) vacant tree locations on the western side of Unley Road within the existing 2nd Generation Tree Strategy implementation and budget.

    - As part of the 2018/19 budget process, a future project to progress tree planting and other greening options along both sides of Unley Road to be considered.

    I hope this is helpful information.



  • Recent debate at N,P&SP Council about Queensland Box street trees being a danger due to ball baring like gum nuts, and the identified health and safety risk. Residents of our street have been actively asking for years to replace the street trees, even offering to pay for the replacement, however Unley council has rejected any proposals. Is this something worth revisited now? Yes there would be a short term loss of tree canopy but residents have an interest in replacing it with suitable trees asap. Further, SA Power networks come every few years and completely butcher the trees for powerline protection, often noting Queensland Box is not a suitable street tree. Footpath sweeping in a waste of money - I sweep my footpath once a week, and still cant keep up, there is no way this could be a cost effective option. Article link below: https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/messenger/east-hills/about-5000-queensland-box-trees-may-be-removed-in-adelaides-east-because-seeds-pods-are-a-slipping-hazard/news-story/12c84705abfec3c9af26ec3e37e9e9ae

    brynnicholls asked over 1 year ago

    Hi, thank you for your message and apologies for the delay responding. 

    We are aware of the recent story within the local media and the investigation being undertaken by staff at the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters regarding the Queensland Box street trees.

    The City of Unley follows a set of guiding principles for selecting and planting street trees in a responsible manner for the community, and takes a keen interest in the views and investigation outcomes undertaken by all neighbouring Councils on these types of issues, particularly when considering future planning. 

    Council’s recently adopted Tree Strategy includes ensuring a diverse and sustainable range of species is used through street tree planting and replacement across the City. If you are interested in reading more on the Strategy, please visit https://www.unley.sa.gov.au/council-administration/strategic-and-corporate-planning#hash-slide-corporate-strategies-191

  • Are you going to pave the sloshy muddy walkway along Brownhill Catchment area between Second Avenue and First Avenue?

    Therese asked over 2 years ago

    Hi, thank you for your question. The Wilberforce Walk from Leah St to Second Ave was paved in May 2017, however I'm not sure if that is the section you're referring to. If it's a different spot, could you please provide details and I'll look into this for you? Regards Karen  

  • I posted a question which was responded to, however the simple question was not answered. But never mind. The post has not been listed here If posts are not put up here and if there is no mechanism for discussion on the posts that are put up here, then I can't see the difference between this "your say" forum and an email. Is this just a waste of time?

    squib asked almost 3 years ago

    Hi, apologies for the mix up. The reply to your original question was posted "privately". I've just changed that to public and it now appears on the Your Say page. Regards Karen  

  • I noticed yesterday that another tree was cut down in Charles Street Forestville. I thought all the trees identified as unsound and requiring removal were taken down last year. Since then a number of mature trees have been removed. In essence every few months you cut a tree down. By the time you get around to planting new trees in Charles street there will be few mature trees left. Why did you cut down the tree yesterday? Are you going to cut down any more over the next year?

    squib asked almost 3 years ago

    Thank you for your message. Unley Council has set policy process for the removal of any Council owned tree. It requires an appropriate Visual Tree Assessment be undertaken and where a tree is approved for removal affected residents are notified. Residents and property owners are able to object to the removal of a tree within a defined 10 day window.

    You may wish to view our Tree Strategy online (http://bit.ly/2t7NJ2n) which outlines the issues and challenges we face and our objectives for the regeneration and expansion of Unley’s Urban Forest. 


    Trevor Stein

  • Hi Please advise on why it seems quite difficult to find the school holiday program on your website - 2 weeks out from the holidays. I enjoy all the programmes that are on offer but every school holidays trying to register and book for programs online is a real palaver. I've spent time this morning trying to navigate around the website to find how to book and once again I am stumped. Please make it more prominent for people to find and easier to book Thanks

    Rachael asked over 3 years ago

    Thank you for your feedback. Each term we look at improving the way the program is promoted and it's booking process, and your feedback will be valuable in helping us make these improvements.

    When a program is released, it is featured on our website homepage and social media pages, and also listed on the relevant community centre and library webpages.

    You may like to receive a copy of the full program in your email inbox as soon as it's released. To be added to the mailing list for the Fullarton Park Community Centre, and receive a program in your email inbox, please phone the centre on 8372 5180 and provide your email address.

  • HI I would like to know what the latest is on the painting of the Goodwood underpass? Is it likely to go ahead? I hope so as it could add so much to that particular part of the road, especially in conjunction with the upgrade of Good wood Rd.

    Rachael asked over 3 years ago

    Thank you for your question. Unley Council has been working in close association with Steph Key MP and the Department of Transport and Infrastructure for several years now on a long term solution for an infrastructure improvement for the Underpass ( which is owend by State Governmnent). To underatke this work we envisage a staged process.

    We have planned some panels to be installed on the pedestrian walkway beneath the train line which tells the stories of Goodwood  and the environs during Gallipoli. These panels will aslso act as a community engagement process to seek ideas from the community as to what they would like to see done with the underpass from an environmentla nd artistic point of view. We hope to install thse panels soon.

    It is a rather ugly peice of infrastructure now an dmany stakehlders in teh local area are keen to find ways of beautifying the Underpass. If you are interested in staying in touch with this project may we suggest you contact Steph Key's office.

    Thanks for your interest Matthew Ives

  • Hi, I would like to see the tram line on on Railway Tce North revegetated with tall hedges or shrubs. It has unsightly fencing and is dirty, barren and bare. I can't see why the tram line should be visible at all. The birds and native animals would appreciate a corridor of greenery I am sure. Are residents allowed to plant plants opposite their own houses? I think it would add a lot of value to our houses if the street wasn't so unsightly. We have many people walking down the street as they go to the showgrounds and markets whom might appreciate a green corridor too. regards Tiffany Connor

    Tiff6 asked over 3 years ago

    Hi Tiffany, thank you for your suggestions. This area of land is owned by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), however we are talking with DPTI about ways we can work together to improve the area.

    If you would like to pass on your feedback to DPTI as well, they have a form on their website at https://www.dpti.sa.gov.au/contact_us/compliments_and_complaints 

    Regards Karen

  • Why is the Council intent on turning residential areas into parking lots for businesses and spoiling the amenity of residents. There has been increased traffic and encroachment in all street areas around the Greenhill Road area(particularly Stamford street and adjacent streets). This has led to safety concerns for residents as well as increased noise and inconvenience with many residents having to park quite a distance from their homes. If you have elderly visitors it is impossible to bring them to your home. Any Emergency services would have difficulty in accessing any residents home, if the ned arose. Why has there been no communication between residents and Council before implementing a trial for businesses to be able to buy parking permits for their staff. Instead of looking at additional revenue raising why hasn't the Council encouraged businesses to come up with other solutions to their problem ie : encouraging people to use public transport; car pooling; or even buying an additional piece of land for parking.

    leah asked about 4 years ago

    Thank you for the feedback you have submitted. Council at its meeting held on 22 February 2016 endorsed a trial of business parking permits, which is currently underway and continuing for the remainder of the year.

    The trial is being undertaken in order to investigate whether on-street parking can be made available for businesses for all-day parking purposes, whilst limiting any impact on residents. Although in most cases it is necessary for businesses to provide adequate off-street parking for their needs, some businesses have out-grown their premises or were built when different development rules were in place, and thus rely on on-street parking to meet a portion of their parking needs. It is also in alignment with Council’s Community Plan 2033 which includes the Strategic Objective of ‘Equitable parking throughout the City’.

    Although access to parking for residents is of importance, businesses are also significant ratepayers who rely on on-street parking. Therefore Council endeavours to find a balance between the two needs.

    The trial will allow Council to consider the impact on residents, whether there is a strong desire from businesses for Council to offer permits, and what controls should be in place to balance the needs of both residents and businesses.

    The trial will likely lead to vehicles being parked all day in some streets close to business and retail precincts. Permits will however only be issued in streets deemed appropriate and where there is capacity for additional vehicles. For example, only up to 10% of a street’s total parking capacity will be issued in permits to businesses, and only if residents are utilising less than 50% of the street already. Further information on this can be found at www.unley.sa.gov.au/business-permits 

    You raised concerns over streets near Greenhill Road in particular, and specifically mentioned Stamford Street. Parking in Stamford Street and surrounding streets was raised by a petition to Council in March. A report discussing parking in the street and the surrounding area was considered at the Council meeting on 26 April, and the report and minutes are available on our website via this link: http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/community-administrator/council-and-committees#hash-slide-full-council-98

    You also asked why there was no communication between Council and residents prior to the trial being undertaken. Although no formal consultation was undertaken prior to commencement of the trial, Council’s elected body have discussed parking with residents and business over a number of years prior to this decision, which has provided them with an understanding of the needs and concerns of each group. It is also considered that the assessment criteria put in place will limit any impact on residents, and as it is a trial, any impact that is experienced would only be temporary in nature. Community engagement will likely occur as part of assessment of the trial towards the end of the year however. Feedback from residents in streets where the trial has been undertaken will be particularly valuable as they will be able to discuss whether they were in fact impacted.

    You also had some suggestions as an alternative to the trial. We appreciate your ideas and are always looking for alternative ways of reducing parking demand in our streets, and they will therefore be considered.

    Should you wish to discuss any of this further, please contact Council’s Transportation and Traffic team on 8372 5111, or via email at pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au

  • Could we have speed humps introduced in Penong St ? We've had 4 pets run over by cars in the 20 plus years we've lived here. The private school students ,and sporty parents , food takeaway visitors crossing from unley road through to king william st seem to take out their frustrations on our street

    davangco asked over 4 years ago

    The City of Unley received an anonymous request via Your Say Unley for speed humps on Penong Street.  The City of Unley collects traffic volume and speed data throughout the City as part of an ongoing traffic monitoring program, including Penong Street.

    Traffic data for Penong Street are summarised below in table 1.


    Average Daily Traffic Volume (ADT)

    Mean speed

    Heavy Commercial Vehicle Percentage

    July 2008


    40.2 km/h

    < 5%

    August 2010


    35.1 km/h

    < 5%

    February 2015


    36.6 km/h

    < 5%

    Table 1: recorded traffic data for Penong Street, Hyde Park

    From the data it is clear that there has been an overall reduction in traffic volumes from 2008 to 2015, as well as an overall reduction in mean speed from 2008 to 2015. 

    The anonymous concern to Council has been considered, however, the traffic volume and speed data on record denotes that almost all motorists are driving within the speed limit or significantly below the posted speed limit of 40 km/h.  Therefore, traffic calming devices are not warranted at present. 

    Council will continue to collect data and monitor motorist behaviour along the roadway. In the interest of road safety, you are encouraged to contact SA Police Traffic Watch on 131 444 and seek Police assistance to identify the isolated incidents of speeding motorists.

  • No Eastern Courier delivery penong St westall St fashoda St etc. Have you stopped delivery ? We haven't received a paper in months.We walk around Wednesday and Friday nights and barely see papers anywhere.I'd be a very concerned advertiser.

    davangco asked over 4 years ago

    Thank you for this. The Eastern Courier is an independent publication, but we will pass on to them that delivery to these areas has stopped.

    Thank you,

    Your Say Unley.

  • I want to know what's happening to the Goodwood library? Also are you aware that several trees have been removed from Forestville Reserve? They were only replanted a week ago or so (God knows what was wrong with the other ones you planted more than a month ago? Now these smaller ones have been stolen and vandalised, is anything going to be done?

    Jas asked almost 5 years ago

    Hi Jas, thank you for contacting us.

    Follow this link for information about the Goodwood Library. Contrary to what has been in the media, Goodwood Library is remaining open. http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Library%20Service%20Review%20fact%20sheet.pdf

    We will follow up with what is happening at Forestville Reserve and get back to you.

    Thanks again,

    Alyssa Hill, Community Development Project Officer

    Hi again Jas,

    I have some more information about Forestville Reserve.

    All the trees that were planted initially were removed. Council’s Arborist noted that they were not of good quality –they did not have much stem thickness among other issues. This would have meant they wouldn’t have grown to be as healthy with issues down the track. So all the trees were removed and replaced. During the replacement we relocated several trees and did not replace 3 that were removed.

    Please note that Council will also be planting additional trees along the tram line overpass soon. The spots where the trees were removed will be seeded with grass shortly.